Reasons Why Being a Musician Could Be the Best Job

Culture is all around us. We enjoy it every day, even without noticing it. From film and painting to literature and sculpture, art affects us in ways unlike anything else. 


However, pop music is something that seems like it has the tightest grip on us. But how so? Well, it’s the most accessible to ordinary people. Moreover, who wouldn’t want to be a musician and live their life traveling across the globe, performing to massive crowds of people who adore you?


A musician’s career is the best, and we’re going to explain why with eight examples!

You Operate Your Own Time

Finding a job that allows you to work at your pace isn’t going to end well for you. That’s if you don’t pursue a career in music. The thing with being an artist, let alone a musician, means that you can work during the night. Moreover, every other day or even week, if that’s your rhythm. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can afford to be a slacker.


On the other hand, making quality art can’t be calculated as, let’s say, being an engineer can. There’s no formula to success other than loving what you do. And loving music means making it when inspiration hits you, molding the emotions that come out of your heart into something worthy of being called art.

You Experiment With Ideas Everyday

Some musicians would argue that the best parts of their jobs are recording and performing live. But unlike singing or playing in front of an audience, being in the recording studio means that you can experiment with all kinds of sounds and arrangements. And that by itself is yet another reason why being a musician is the best job ever.


Studio sessions never get boring. You might argue with your bandmates, producer, or sound engineer while at it. But at the end of the day, it’s all about making something better than before. Lots of different ideas get thrown around the studio or rehearsal space, making every day exciting to go through.

You Get to Level Your Life Skills Up

It’s no secret that musicianship helps develop cognitive abilities in people. Playing an instrument or singing is great for brain development at a young age. It helps with problem-solving, abstract thinking, and developing learning skills. However, being a musician isn’t just about becoming smarter and more interesting than the rest.


Earning from music is a great way to understand how business works. Although you’re probably going to get ripped off in the beginning from a record label or club owners, you’ll learn with time to manage your business better. That’s even if you don’t ever become that famous with millions in your pockets.


Nevertheless, being a musician can also help with another life skill. Namely, the way you communicate with others will improve, whether it’s through your lyrics or your presence on stage. And in case you decide to stop pursuing a life of music at some point in your life, you can use these skills for other industries and everyday life.

You Become an Expert in Money Making

Most people imagine that a music career comes down only to writing songs and performing them live or in a studio. However, this is yet another business, and as such, there’s a whole lot of money-related issues you need to keep an eye on. Making money is hard, no matter what you do for a living. The same goes for being a musician. Hence, doing well with managing your bank account is a must while playing a guitar or DJing in a club.


Nevertheless, once you master money-making in the music business, you can apply your new skill to other aspects of life too. It’s easy to be a bottle job and waste all your greens on fast cars and big houses. The trick is to keep things grounded and not end up like a ton of other washed-up musicians like MC Hammer. He bought a dream villa with a golden bathtub, employed unqualified relatives, and gave them astronomical wages.

You Get to Make Friends and Bond With Different Circles

Another reason why being a musician is the best job in the world is that you get to make cool friends who also come from art circles. Even if there’s a lot of rivalry around, you’ll still make connections and participate in different projects all the time. And it’s not just about musicians befriending other musicians. You’ll get to be part of a wider art circle, including people from the movie business, poets, painters, and many others.


For example, The Rolling Stones weren’t the most chill guys back in the day. However, that didn’t stop Mick Jagger from hanging out with Bowie and Hendrix. Also, back in the ‘90s, when Britpop was all the rage, Oasis and Blur hated each other. But a couple of years ago, Noel Gallagher performed live with Damon Albarn, which was great to see, no matter which side you were on a few decades ago.

You Travel a Lot and See New Places

No matter what genre or type of music you intend to make, you’re always going to find your audience. It might be smaller than others, but it’s still yours. And the best part, it doesn’t have to be local, since uploading your music online will allow people from all over the globe to see what you’re on about.


All this leads to touring. And touring leads to visiting other parts of the world that you’d never get to see by yourself. From one continent to another, you’ll get to experience different cultures, making memories for the rest of your life. And even if you’re not fond of traveling, you’ll still enjoy going across the country from time to time.

You Receive Gratification, Connection, and Recognition

Like we’ve said, nothing can guarantee that you’re going to make it big and be a world phenomenon if you pursue a career in music. However, being a smaller, cult act can also have its rewards. It’s all about living inside a scene, knowing the right people, and having connections in local clubs and pubs that will make you feel like an actual rock star.


Namely, the fans are more into you and your art than some big-shot executive will ever be. They’re honest and will wear you as their idol on their sleeves for the rest of their lives. The boost of adrenaline you feel once you step onto the stage with a group of fans is in front of you can’t be matched by anything else out there.

You Will Have a Huge Impact on Other People’s Lives

You can often see people with tattoos of their favorite lyrics. But how do artists, the people behind those words and melodies, feel about that? Well, we’d say they’re super stoked, knowing that they’ve made an actual impact on other people’s lives.


The power of music is universal. It breaches language barriers and geographical borders. It helps people recover and keep going through tough times. And in case you manage to help at least one person out there, well, we’d say you’ve done enough.