How To Choose The Love Bracelet That Suits You

The bracelets of the jewelry brand Pandora enjoy great popularity among discerning ladies in over 65 countries around the world. No wonder, because a Love bracelet not only convinces with the highest quality of noble materials, but also delights with a timelessly beautiful, decidedly simple design. Why? Quite simple, only with decorative elements, charms and pendants each Love bracelet gets its very individual look and thus becomes a very special, unique piece of jewelry.

Order the new Love bracelet with decorative accessories

Whether you decorate your new Love bracelet with charming wooden charms, colorful sparkling elements of genuine Moreno glass or opt for solidly crafted pendants of gold and silver, with a Love bracelet and its individual decoration you can talk about without many words tell each other. From charming animal figures for animal lovers such as cat, owl and frog to romantic charms such as rose, angel and heart, a love bracelet shows what is important to its wearer.

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Pandora Bangles: Each copy is a single piece

With the innovative concept of the Charms, Beads and Elements, every Pandora bangle becomes a unique personal item. Discover the charm of the small silver jewelry and order online from the huge selection in the jewelry shop.

When the jewelry workshop decided on the name Pandora, the founders certainly thought of the irresistible seductive power of the mythical Femme Fatal. Luckily, in Pandora’s jewelry box, besides the fantastic collections in silver and gold, there is only the agony of a wonderfully wide selection.

With their unusual concept, Love bracelets have developed into an independent trend. The idea of wearing a changeable bracelet with individual charms and pendants has been around since antiquity. But no label has succeeded in coping with the Copenhageners in such a modern, elegant and recognizable way.

A Love bracelet is only available once. Every silver bangle and every richly decorated ribbon becomes a unique piece thanks to the individual taste of its wearer. That’s what makes these sterling silver jewels so unique in addition to the exquisite, charming style.

Silver bracelet with incomparably individual charisma

Silver is the preferred material and the basis of the great Pandora Charms collection. The Love bracelets are made from genuine 925 sterling silver. Elegant and elegant, the delicate chains nestle against your wrist. Finely crafted links, a straight-turned band and combinations of colored leather and delicately shining precious metal are the stage for great charms and pendants.

Give your Pandora Bangles a personal style with selected favorite charms. Combine massive, partially gold-plated motif pendants and the delicate radiance of Moreno glass.

Many enthusiastic collectors keep their favorite items for special occasions. With the glow of zirconia and Swarovski crystals, a Love bracelet becomes a great companion for an exciting evening outfit.

Pandora bangles and bracelets are available online and on invoice. Order the elegant and incomparably individual pieces of jewelry together with great charms, clips and beads in jewelry shop.

Charm bracelets are a popular fashion trend and are fun. The big advantage is, they can be customized, are convertible and hold the most important memories in a piece of jewelry. Precisely for this reason, the bracelets quickly find their way into the jewelry box of every woman. Hardly a piece of jewelry is so good to combine and to keep up in trend, as the charm bracelet. Fittingly, a large collection of pendants, the so-called charms, must not be missing. They give the bracelet it’s certain look and make it an all-round accessory for every outfit, many women not only have fashionable pendants, but also sentimental charms. Tied to an event, a person or a feeling, these pendants shape the character of the bracelet and the wearer at the same time. Nevertheless, there is one problem, the selection of bracelets and charms is enormous and not easy to survey. Which charm bracelet fits you best?

What makes the charm bracelets so popular?

A charm bracelet consists of different links that you individually put together to form a bracelet. Whether fashion trend or personal meaning everyone designs the piece of jewelry according to his own ideas. The origin of the name is unclear and goes back to many theories. They say, for example, that the individual parts had to be begged for a bracelet or collected for a long time. The fact is, as a special piece of jewelry, the bracelets not only carry memories and wishes, but are still used today as a popular gift or lucky charm. One reason for the huge success is the selection of followers. Simply attached to the bracelet with a snap hook, they guarantee a firm hold and at the same time a quick exchange. Not only symbolism, but also material, workmanship and price range are different. Simple pendants are already available for a few dollars. Another reason is the collecting passion of the ladies. Once the bracelet has been purchased, it can be expanded according to fashionable aspect or combined with a loving memory. The personal meaning is not a must, but makes you as a wearer more interesting and the jewelry lovable.

Perfectly combined: the meaning of symbols

A look thrown through the rows of charm bracelets and one thing stands out in particular. Whether shamrock, a coin or a piggy you decide for your lucky charm. In addition, many everyday symbols can be found on the followers. While you seal the family happiness with a baby bottle or a pacifier, the car stands for the departure and the willingness to travel. The same can be symbolized by an airplane or a suitcase. By wearing this, you will be encouraged to travel while wearing bracelets.

Animals, plants and persons as charms

Animals either cover their personal affection or decorate the charm bracelet with their symbolism. For example, the dolphin predicts happy times and should bring with it fun and cheerfulness. The elephant stands for the precious experiences and moments in life. Pure wisdom brings the rather inconspicuous owl with it. So each animal embodies its own unique symbolism and you decide which fits best. Similarly, the selection works for flowers, people and other symbols. Here are some interesting combinations:

  • Butterfly – colorful and exciting life
  • Blame – unexpected talents come to the fore
  • Rose – true love and never-ending beauty
  • Ballerina – everything is possible
  • Angel – blessing, faith and trust
  • Heart – romance and true love
  • Cross – a blessed life
  • Stern – wishes come true

Have you already found suitable pendants? The choice is almost unlimited and can even reflect the symbolism of each profession. Also popular are charms in the form of letters. Abbreviations, initials or complete words – your imagination is in demand here.

A new symbol must be – but which one?

Contrary to the traditional meaning of the symbols, the small charms on the bracelet can also have a personal aspect. Did you receive the pendant from a special person or did you buy it at a certain location? Do you remember the last vacation or do you want to reward yourself for your own success? There are many reasons for a new symbol on the charm bracelet. You decide what you want to associate with the new symbol.

Ready to buy or design

When buying a charm bracelet, the first question is should it be an empty bracelet or do you want a finished piece of jewelry? Most women opt for the bracelet with few followers and complete it over a longer period with their memories. In addition, the material plays an important role. Here are gold or silver to the simple costume jewelry.

Conclusion: Whether fashion trend or own memories hardly a piece of jewelry is more individual than the charm bracelet. While the possibilities seem unlimited, you should set yourself the limits in material and symbolism.