DIY Nesting Dolls You’d Love To Try

Wooden toys that are healthy, practical, classic, aesthetic, help stimulate the child’s development, as oppose to what those PVC-made toys can do. Wooden toys are made of various toys for different types of play of children of all ages. Cubes, rings, elemental puzzles and labyrinths, carts, trains, animals, push and pull toys are suitable for babies. They develop the necessary skills for coordination, movement, shape recognition and coloring at an early age. For small children there are memo games, balance games, theme games kits, puppets and puppets, educational clock, calendar, meter, xylophone. Now you can find online guide on how to make your own nesting doll with paper cups.

For the big kids there are games of chess, dominoes, logic games, loom, and constructors. The classic Russian dolls are carved inside wooden dolls, which were invented in Russia more than a hundred years ago. They are designed to be opened and housed in one another. This set offers you 5 wooden mattresses, acrylic paint, which will help you, color the dolls, paint, brush, stickers and instruction in Bulgarian.

The set is suitable for a gift for a boy or girl over 6 years of age

The manufacturer of this product is KSG Crafts one of the largest manufacturers of children’s creative sets in England. The company was founded in 1960 and enjoys years of history and well-established standards of work. Some of the brand’s most popular products include painting by number and various sets of sequins. Creative kits enjoy both children and adults, and of course they are produced in accordance with quality and safety standards.

The Russian matrix, also known as a pink doll or simply a “Russian doll”, is like a wooden toy where six or seven wooden figures can be placed. The first Russian sculpture was created by the craftsman Vasily Svyozodchkin. Where does the matrix idea come from and what is the point behind it? Today we intend to reveal the secret of the legendary doll.

At the museum of the Russian toy we find some doll models. Very often Russian dolls are painted in bright colorsas healthy and fertile beings.

The doll as a talisman

There is a “diaper”an adult doll, which is actually a talisman. Rural houses in Russia were filled with different lucky or contractors. Interesting is the fact that in many Slavic peoples, dolls, still called Russian dolls, are made for adults and then only for children. The nesting dolls may be the wife of the farmer and the queen.

The honor of the woman

There were puppets that influenced wheat harvest, dolls to protect gambling or those that were taken with them. Security and helpful help is handed over to today’s “Matthewska” dolls. “Matryoshka” is the uprooting of the Latin word “Matrona,” whose root word means “mother of the family” or maternity. “Tasty dolls symbolize the woman’s fertility and the honor of mothers. Not so famous but equally important are the dolls of Hawaiian Milimilli.

Russian dolls around the world

Whether the name is first or the doll it is still unclear. The first evidence of the existence of matryoshka actually comes from Japan. The wise Japanese is fascinated by his Fukuruma doll, the Russian maker of the Matryoshka. Some Japanese people said that Fukuoka’s first doll was mastered by a Russian monk. Today the Russian matrix doll is a symbol of Russian folklore.

Russian Dolls: The Story of Creation

The folk costume of our ancestors was incredibly beautiful. Each of her details was proof of the way of life, that or that voyage. Clothes and festive, and every day corresponds to the way of life, well-being and marital status. The color scheme was varied combinations of red, blue, yellow and green colors, with a brilliant plant world embroidered on aprons, scarves, sleeves, and shirt handles. All this gave a festive look to every woman, even on a gloomy winter day. Once a foreign traveler who visited a Russian landowner and looked out the window, he saw an unusual sight: “What is this?” he could only say.

The landlord exclaimed with some perplexity: “Yes, these are the women from my village to the church on Sunday, the service comes.” The foreign visitor was amazed at the colorful spectacle, festively dressed rural women. He had never seen a simple woman dressed so well.

This is the famous Russian matrix, which has apparently borrowed these clothes from Russian beauties and craftsmen who fantasized and painted different models of wooden dolls.

The Story of Creating Russian Tasty Dolls

And where is the birthplace of this favorite wooden toy that has become one of the best souvenirs from Russia. This is the Moscow district where the famous genuine babushka dolls are located. Although more detailed at the end of the nineteenth century, Alexander Mamotov brought to the Moscow factory “Children’s education” a figure of the Japanese old man Fukuruma. The toy was interesting because there were several figures in it that were placed in each other, smaller and smaller in size, while the latter turned out to be very small. So, local masters decided to repeat this fun for their children. Vasily Zvezdokykin cut out a toy consisting of eight figures and the artist Sergei Malatin draws the figures. But the first toy was not from some Russian beauties. In it were images of Russian beauty, dressed in a sarafine, an apron and a scarf,

They called a doll “Matryoshka”very popular then were the female name Matryona (Matrona). In 1900, the production moved to the regional town of Sergiev Posad.

Sergiyski County, also called Catherine II, was in dense forests, and in all villagesa long life of wooden toys. Kukli cut from aspen, birch, limeand alder, painted in bright colors of their toilets: cheap dolls gluten paints, and dearenamels, watercolors. People love these bright beauties and buy not only for their children but also for their collections. And in your collection of dolls there is a family of dolls or at least one of them

A bag from Chanel’s house in the form of Russian delicious dolls

Designer dolls created on the anniversary of a popular Magazine, auctioned with a starting price of 5000 dollars. Each mold is devoted to the work of a fashion house. It has a similar story as that limited edition angry bird squishy which was auctioned with a starting price of 2000 dollars.

Yet to this day nesting dolls remains a symbol of motherhood and fertility, because the figure with the crowded puppet family is a wonderful expression of the imaginary foundation of this most ancient symbol of the culture of mankind.