The Best Bracelets for Men

Let’s face it, saying that a man should never wear any jewelry is very narrow-minded. Sure, there are people that believe that nothing but a watch and a wedding band is acceptable, but the times are changing. To be fair, there definitely is such a thing as having too much bling on yourself. But, you should never be too shy to simply wear a bracelet you like. Also, you should really know how to pull it off.


To start with the basics, the first thing you should focus on is to make sure your bracelet works well with what you usually wear. If you enjoy the preppy style, a rope bracelet should be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you prefer rock ‘n’ roll, you should go with solid stainless steel. Essentially, the important bit is to use the bracelet to accentuate your style.


In addition to that, the second rule you should follow is – be moderate. Overdoing it can cause “adverse” effects. Wearing one bracelet is great, but packing up a dozen bracelets on your wrist might be too much. But, there is one issue with buying a bracelet – there are way too many choices for you. So, to help you out, we have created this short list of the most popular models.

The Guitar String

These bracelets are an excellent conversation piece, and they cost next to nothing. They are actually made out of authentic guitar strings, and they look great. Furthermore, they are very comfortable due to the fact that they are easy to bend. Of course, make sure to know how to play the guitar before buying a bracelet such as this one.

Brass Bar Cuff

If you are a person who doesn’t like to overly complicate things, just go with a simple Cause and Effect cuff. It is simple, discrete, and most importantly, it combines well with every style. Some of these are even customized modernly, making it look like bracelets related with computers.

Shinola Double Wrap

Shinola is a company that most people recognize for their excellent watches. However, this brand also offers incredible leather goods. One of those leather goods is their Double Wrap leather bracelet. After all, leather goes well with anything.

Paracord Bullet Bracelet from BRZN

This heavy-duty bracelet is an ideal gift for any gun-loving, red-blooded American. BRZN is a company that believes in upcycling, so they make their bracelets from actual paracord and real bullet shell casings.

Kiel James Patrick Catesby Jones – Navy Style

Kiel James Patrick is one of the most popular creators of preppy accessories. So, if you enjoy your nautical trips, you will not make a mistake by paying some attention to this bracelet. After all, no other company really replicates how well Kiel James Patrick captures the spirit of New England. The Catesby Jones design is easily one of the most popular styles out there.

Tanner Goods – Single Leather Band

Coming from Portland, Oregon, Tanner Goods prides itself on making excellent leather products. And, of course, that includes their bracelets. To be a bit more precise, our favorite is the single leather band they offer. You can even ask them to add a monogram to the leather.

In the end, these are just our recommendations. After all, the final decision is on you; we just hope this list can help you decide which ones to wear, or perhaps if you want to give bracelet as a gift, you can decide which ones to give.